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Ad Campaign Optimization, Attribution, and Customer Journeys - For Agencies

Powered by First-Party Data, AdBeacon lets agencies optimize campaigns with speed and accuracy!

Pinpoint Campaign Attribution.
Know The Value of Every Click.


AdBeacon has streamlined your ability to attribute the success of paid media campaigns, ads, and audiences faster and more accurately than ever.  Stop burning ad spend and leverage AdBeacon data for proven growth.

Attribution Model Flexibility

Easily switch between 4 clear and simple attribution models.

☑  First Click

☑  Last Click

☑  Full Impact

☑  Linear

First Party Data Integrations

Integrate all your data sources and attribute success at the deepest levels! AdBeacon’s pixel connects the dots so you don’t have to. 

Attribute Success Across Your Channels

Understand your best, worst, and most efficient channels and what part of the funnel each platform impacts. 

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"Since IOS14, we've had difficulty attributing sales to the correct ads and campaigns, which has led to a huge dip in performance. AdBeacon solves this as it allows us to now attribute more accurately and optimize ads better - we've seen a significant increase in performance since we used AdBeacon. Highly recommend Ad Beacon to all marketers!

Optimize Campaigns In-Platform.
In Real-Time.


You can optimize your Facebook campaigns directly from AdBeacon. No delay, data decay, or death by a million tabs. Best part? We have a Chrome extension for Meta ads.

AdBeacon Chrome Extension for Meta​

Prefer optimizing from Meta? Our Chrome extension lets you layer your first-party AdBeacon data directly into Ads Manager!

Prove Conversions With Full Customer Journeys

See the exact channels and campaigns that are driving conversions. From first click to final purchase.

Unlock Attribution Windows

Lookback windows have been unlocked. Forget 7-day click data, now open your attribution window for as long as you’ve been tracking.

AdBeacon Success Stories


1650% increase in ROAS from week 1 to today. ➡


590% increase in ROAS from week 1 to today. ➡


191% increase in ROAS from week from week 1. ➡

Actionable Campaign Data.
Reports That Fuel Meta LTV.

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Finally, reports that matter. We eliminated “fluff” reports and compiled the most valuable insights you need to take action. From campaigns to cohorts, we put powerful scaling data and insights at your fingertips. 

Actionable Predictive Insights

Know what to scale in just a few clicks 🔥. Bundle top-performing products to maximize AOV.

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Conversion Trends Without Guesswork

Unpacking opportunities is at the core of predictive analytics.  AdBeacon is a hyper-simplistic way to uncover and analyze trends at scale.

LTV And Retention Cohorts #YoureWelcome

Understand if your strategy pivots made a massive impact long term.

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The Nexus of Creative Control.


Creative performance is now presented as a whole, rather than by individual ads. This is a true creative hub that is broken down by top-to-bottom performance and more. Pinpoint your best ads, filter by type, even filter by performance – the choice is yours.

Optimize in AdBeacon or Access Your Ads Manager in 1 Click

Facebook-inspired usability connected directly to your ads manager. You’re welcome.

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See The Difference

See the disparity between 3rd and 1st party data for clear decision-making. We pull the image hash # for a sum of metrics.

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Was it the image, copy, or video that performed? 😉

By breaking down each component of your creative performance, AdBeacon gives your team the ability to replicate top performers faster.

Get Invited To The Lighthouse 🔦

Our members only slack channel might be in your future.

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Simple. Clear. Accurate.
Paid Media Ad Attribution.

1. See It In Action

Book your AdBeacon demo and see how AdBeacon will streamline your ad optimization and let you scale faster than ever before.

2. Connect Your Data

Link your preferred ad accounts and first-party data sources, like Facebook, TikTok, Google Ads, Klayvio, and Shopify.

3. Start Optimizing

AdBeacon will collect and aggrigate your campaign data for you so you can start optimizing - accurately.

It's Time To Take Control.
It's Time To Launch AdBeacon.

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All you have to gain are better results!


Finally a platform that lets you bid with accuracy and sapeed using real-time data.

– Bernard May (Forbes Digital Marketing Contributor)

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Easy to learn and use

If you are familiar with the Facebook and/or Google Ads platforms you will immediately feel comfortable in AdBeacon

Diving Deeper...

The Power of Ad Tracking Software

In today’s digital landscape, traditional marketing strategies and attribution technology may not suffice. 

AdBeacon is a next-generation marketing attribution solution that utilizes first-party consumer data to maximize ROI and deliver superior ad performance.

Our advanced attribution software, ad tracking tools, and marketing attribution solutions provide marketers with all the necessary tools to stay ahead of the curve in today’s evolving digital landscape. You’ll have all the tools you need to stay ahead of the curve, including:

First-party data, Real-time ad optimization, Multichannel attribution, Customizable attribution modeling tools, Accurate data reporting, and Streamlined user experience.

Let’s look at how these features add up to a world-class marketing attribution platform that works for you.


Attribution With First-Party Data

Relying on 3rd-party attribution is increasingly unreliable. AdBeacon’s attribution marketing software leverages first-party data generated from direct customer interactions to provide you with accurate and actionable insights.

With AdBeacon’s advanced tools like UTM parameters and tracking codes, you can organize and analyze your data to gain insights free of 3rd-party data gaps and inaccuracies.


Real-Time Ad Optimization

You need actionable data right away. Traditional marketing attribution tools like Facebook’s tracking software can delay reporting data for up to three days. With AdBeacon’s attribution analysis software, there’s no need to wait.

Our real-time optimization tools provide you with the data you need immediately, so you can take appropriate action and optimize your campaigns on the spot from our user dashboard.


Multichannel Attribution

AdBeacon’s multichannel attribution tools enable you to trace the customer journey across channels like Shopify, Facebook, Google, and more.

With our advanced attribution analysis software, you can attribute the relative impact of each checkpoint and optimize your campaigns for maximum success.


Customizable Attribution Modeling Tools

AdBeacon understands that attribution models aren’t one-size-fits-all. That’s why we offer four customizable attribution models to choose from: Full Impact, Linear, First Click, and Last Click. With our advanced attribution modeling tools, you can adjust your attribution windows as far back as your data supports. Facebook’s limited 7-day attribution window is a thing of the past.


Accurate Data Reporting

With AdBeacon’s powerful attribution software, you can collect and analyze accurate first-party data to make informed decisions.

Our comprehensive reporting tools offer a variety of formats, giving you the insights you need to optimize your campaigns and drive results. We keep it 100% real.


Streamlined User Experience

AdBeacon’s UI has been designed for users familiar with Facebook Business Manager, so you don’t have to waste time figuring out how everything works. 

AdBeacon’s digital marketing attribution software and tools can be integrated with your system in only fifteen minutes, and our cloud-based portal is easy to navigate and keeps you from getting lost in a snarl of data.

Our attribution services provide accurate, actionable data across a variety of platforms. These services include: 


Facebook Attribution

Facebook’s ad tracking features can be unreliable, especially with the pro-privacy iOS 14.5 update.

AdBeacon’s cross-channel attribution tools, in conjunction with your first-party data, reduce your reliance on Facebook’s proprietary ad tracking. Our advanced multi-click attribution modeling enables you to track Facebook ad performance and link it to your data from other channels.


Google Ads Attribution

Many ad tracking companies rely on Google Ads data, but recent privacy initiatives have disrupted its effectiveness.

AdBeacon’s marketing multichannel attribution software generates accurate tracking data and easily connects with your Facebook and other channel campaigns. You can even integrate your offline conversion results into your Google Ads data.

AdBeacon’s customer support is here to help navigate our streamlined technology. You are always welcome to contact us for assistance with integration, data analysis, optimization functions, and any other AdBeacon needs.

Getting excited yet?  

Our goal at AdBeacon is to be at the forefront of media attribution companies, and we’re confident in our ability to equip you with the tools you need to succeed in today’s competitive marketing landscape.

Start Optimizing & Scaling

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