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A Look at the Customer Journey to Sale (and Beyond)

In the world of ecommerce, customers are able to interact with companies in all kinds of ways online. If a business can better understand customers’ interests and behaviors along the way, they can improve their strategies and convert more of that engagement into sales and loyalty. This is where customer journey tracking technology comes in.

Customer Journey Tracking: What Is It?

Customer journey tracking is a means of seeing the entire sales funnel at various touchpoints, from initial customer interaction to purchase and beyond. Tracking platforms like AdBeacon gather detailed data from customer interactions and report it in a way that makes it easier to see meaningful trends and changes.

Different kinds of tracking data work together to paint a picture of where, when, and how customers engage in the marketing funnel. This allows you to focus your efforts in strong areas and identify places where your company could be losing sales or driving away customers.

Examples of customer journey analytics include things like:

  • Customer behavior: How customers interact with your business, including their level of engagement and the type and frequency of their purchases.
  • Website traffic: How many people have visited your site, which pages they visit, and how much time they spend there. 
  • Conversion data: How many customers end up taking action to do business with you, like by buying a product or filling out a contact form (in other words, how often awareness is converted into action).
  • Marketing campaign data: How different marketing campaigns are performing across channels, including social media posts, emails, direct mailings, in-store promotions, and more.

Why Customer Journey Tracking Is So Important

Understanding customers’ habits, interests, and needs will always be critically important to business success. Today’s automated systems, social media, and scheduled marketing campaigns have played a large part in making businesses more efficient and flexible, but gathering customer information from all of these different places can be much more challenging than it used to be.

Customer journey tracking technology pulls all of the valuable customer information for you, making it possible to understand them despite all the different marketing channels and complexities in play. It makes analysis easier and more efficient, allowing you to respond faster.

Instead of just seeing final sales numbers and customer reviews, tracking allows you to observe a customer’s entire journey with your company. You’ll be able to watch their behaviors from the first sign of consideration all the way to long-term loyalty and brand promotion. This gives you the opportunity to ensure the best possible experience for them (and the best results for you) down the conversion funnel.

Tracking Offers a Number of Benefits

Customer journey tracking technology offers valuable insights that can benefit your company in a wide variety of ways. The following are just a few examples of how tracking can give your business a boost.

Reduced Ad Waste

Customer journey data helps you see which ads are most effective at driving traffic to your site, converting site visits into sales, and driving repeat purchases. When you know which ads are the most effective along the journey, you can avoid wasting a chunk of your budget on the ones that don’t work. 

Simplified Multi-Channel Information

Today’s customers have more ways than ever to shop and interact with different brands. In addition to face-to-face store interactions, they can also engage through websites, social media pages, email campaigns, mobile apps, and more. Customer journey tracking provides all of that information for easy review and comparison. Streamlined data gives you the full picture in one place.

Increased Revenue and Business Growth

Informed marketing strategies are more effective, boosting sales and reducing the amount of money spent on advertising overall. Higher revenues and more streamlined campaigns give businesses more opportunities to grow. 

Faster Campaign Optimization

When you’re able to see exactly what’s working and what isn’t in your marketing strategy, reworking and optimizing future campaigns is significantly easier. 1st party data tracking minimizes the time spent identifying pain points, which means you can start planning informed changes right away.

Improved Customer Retention

The customer journey doesn’t end after the sale. Once a satisfied customer reaches the advocacy stage of their journey, they’ll continue to make purchases and help promote your business to others. Knowing how to maintain a post-purchase relationship with these individuals is crucial to keeping their business and naturally drawing in new customers.

Greater Satisfaction and Positive Brand Reputation

In addition to retaining customers long term, you’ll also be able to better satisfy them by knowing exactly what they want and will respond to. As your marketing strategies adjust to better serve your customer base, you’re more likely to see better reviews and a more positive association with your brand overall.

Reliable, In-House Information

Although platforms like Facebook and Google do offer some advertising analytics, the data isn’t always accurate or helpful for market attribution. With a customer journey tracking platform that uses first-party data, you’ll get consistent information that comes from your end.

AdBeacon: Your Customer Journey Tracking Solution

AdBeacon’s platform makes it easy to accurately track various sales touchpoints across multiple marketing channels. We work with your ecommerce division to give you reliable first-party data, presented in a streamlined, easy-to-use web interface.

On average, companies using AdBeacon for customer journey tracking are able to:

  • Reduce ad waste by 40%
  • Reduce their overall ad budget by 20%
  • Boost revenues by 500%
  • Improve business growth by 15-30%
  • Optimize campaigns 300% faster

Ready to discover how AdBeacon can boost your business? Schedule a free 30-minute platform demo and experience our customer journey tracking and other game-changing marketing tools firsthand. For other information, feel free to contact us online or call us toll free at (877) 504-8668 today.