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How Does 20% Commission FOR LIFE Sound?
With the AdBeacon Affiliate Program, not only do you earn 20% from every onboarded AdBeacon account, as the client scales, so does your commission. Better yet, your commissions last a lifetime. Sound interesting? Keep reading!

What Do AdBeacon Affiliates "Look" Like?

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Content creators, networkers, consultants, media buyers, and affiliates – we work with affiliates from all walks of life. If you want to become an affiliate, AdBeacon is ready to show you how!

"The top media buyers are using first-party data. The best media buyers know that without technology scaling is near impossible. AdBeacon is built and designed to scale brands post iOS 14.5. Best of all? It's built by media buyers"

– Phoenix Ha, CEO | AdBeacon

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Why Become An Affiliate?

  • 20% payout to you for every onboarded account
  • Your payout scales up as the client scales up
  • Your payouts are for the LIFETIME of the client
  • No monthly or annual affiliate commitments
  • No thresholds or limits!
  • Monthly AdBeacon training sessions
  • Unlimited support from AdBeacon
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Here's How It Works...


Apply To Join

Get set up as an AdBeacon affiliate in minutes! You’re only a few clicks away.


Refer Your Network

Perfect for media buyers, social media advertisers, ecommerce brands & beyond. 


Get Paid!

Get paid for every referral that signs onto AdBeacon. Simple with no hassle.

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How Much Can You Earn?

  • 20% of  $299 = $60/mo | $720/yr
  • 20% of  $599 = $120/mo | $1440/yr
  • 20% of  $899 = $180/mo | $2,157/yr
  • Examples Are PER Account
  • No Account Limits – Or Commission Caps

How Do We Compare?

See how AdBeacon stacks up against other solutions…

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