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The Power & Impact of First-Party Data!

The Power of Real Time Marketing Attribution

Increased ROAS in Real Time​

Scale ROAS Faster
- With Greater Accuracy

Optimized Media Spend in Real Time

Optimized Media
Spend in Real Time

Optimized Creative Performance in Real Time

Optimized Creative
Performance in Real Time

Success Stories

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1648.39% increase in ROAS from week 1 to today

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590% campaign ROAS from week 1 to today

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147% increase in ROAS from week 1 to today

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191% increase in ROAS from week 1 to today

Frequently Asked Questions

AdBeacon integrates in less than 15 minutes. Not only that, we help you every step of the way through our Customer Service Support team.

Our platform is designed by social media marketers so that the UI is intuitive and easy to use.  We also have videos, tutorials and a dedicated Customer Support team to help guide you every step of the way. Once set up, you can quickly evaluate which ad campaigns are working and which aren’t. Through our easy-to-understand UI, you get clear and actionable insights.

AdBeacon was built by advertisers for advertisers. Accuracy and ease of use are at the core of everything we developed. AdBeacon is based on your actual data and is transparent. AdBeacon shows attribution percentage and all clicks, leads, and sales tracked. Facebook and other marketing channels claim credit for sales they extrapolate through AI often resulting in misleading conversion data.

AdBeacon has dedicated Customer Service to help each client get the most out of the platform. We understand that no two marketing campaigns are the same and that lookback windows, time to purchase, product cost and numerous other factors make your campaign unique.

AdBeacon shows order-level details for all sales conversion data which is tied to accurate, real-time attribution. You can see campaign level all the way down to an individual ad level, and make changes within the platform.


Start Scaling Your Ads With Confidence

Companies using AdBeacon lower their ad budgets by 20%

Companies using AdBeacon see growth improvements of 15-30%