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AdBeacon Resources

Explore our latest updates 

Lighthouse Optimization Model

We created out own attribution model specifically for ad optimization!

Audience Creation in AdBeacon

See your most valuable products direction from the optimization tab. 

New vs. Returning Customers

Know your most valuable audiences and build custom segments for retargeting.

Our Chrome Extension

Use AdBeacon’s Chrome extension to bring your data into Meta! 

Product View Feature

See your most valuable products direction from the optimization tab. 

Audience Segments

Know your most valuable audiences and build custom segments for retargeting.

Cohorts Analysis

Visual cohorts so you can clearly see LTV and know when to strike!

Creative Dashboard

Know what creatives are pushing and what those creatives are driving.

Pareto Analysis (80/20)

Need to 80/20 your efforts? Our new Pareto Analysis report has you covered.

Platform Integrations

AdBeacon Overview

New to AdBeacon? Start with a complete overview of the platform

Connecting Shopify

Its time to connect your Shopify platfrom and start collecting first-party data!

Connecting WooCommerce

If you are on WooCommerce, we have you covered. Follow along to connect your WooCommerce account

Connecting Facebook Ads

Now its time to connect your Facebook/Meta Ad accounts and start scaling faster like a beast!

Connecting Google Ads

See more customer journey details by syncing up your Google Ads accounts and attribute success with accuracy

Connecting TikTok

We can’t leave out TikTok! As the fastest-growing social platform, its time to connect and track accurately

Connecting Klaviyo

Email marketing is critical for building and maximizing your sale funnel. Connecting Klaviyo lets you see the bigger picture. 

Adding Accounts & Users

Tracking multiple accounts? Working with a team and need to add multiple users? AdBeacon has you covered. Better yet, it’s simple to do.

Cohort Analysis Reporting

Our real-time cohort analysis reporting gives you deeper insights for optimizing marketing strategies and maximizing customer LTV. 

AdBeacon integrates in less than 15 minutes. Not only that, we help you every step of the way through our Customer Service Support team.

Our platform is designed by social media marketers so that the UI is intuitive and easy to use.  We also have videos, tutorials and a dedicated Customer Support team to help guide you every step of the way. Once set up, you can quickly evaluate which ad campaigns are working and which aren’t. Through our easy-to-understand UI, you get clear and actionable insights.

AdBeacon was built by advertisers for advertisers. Accuracy and ease of use are at the core of everything we developed. AdBeacon is based on your actual data and is transparent. AdBeacon shows attribution percentage and all clicks, leads, and sales tracked. Facebook and other marketing channels claim credit for sales they extrapolate through AI often resulting in misleading conversion data.

AdBeacon has dedicated Customer Service to help each client get the most out of the platform. We understand that no two marketing campaigns are the same and that lookback windows, time to purchase, product cost and numerous other factors make your campaign unique.

AdBeacon shows order-level details for all sales conversion data which is tied to accurate, real-time attribution. You can see campaign level all the way down to an individual ad level, and make changes within the platform.