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Data Driven Decisions

Unlocking Ad Performance and Profitability With First-Party Data

AdBeacon was built to solve the biggest paid media issues hampering performance, profitability, and revenues for media buyers and agencies. Let AdBeacon unveil the truth behind your ads.

Performance Marketers

AdBeacon gives performance marketers the conversion-first reporting you need to drive next level campaign profits.
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Facebook Marketers

Facebook took a hit with IOS 14.5. We fill in the data gaps, unlock lookbacks, and help you stop bleeding ad spend!
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Paid Media & Ecomm Integrations

AdBeacon's key integrations unlocks customer journey data for better decision making.
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Marketing & Ad Agencies

AdBeacon's reporting and simple UI does the heavy lifting so you can leverage data and drive results.
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Brands & Media Buyers

AdBeacon's was built for agile decision making without opening endless tabs.
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A Performance Marketing Powerhouse

AdBeacon combines the power of first-party data with the ability to supercharge performance with speed, agility, and accuracy. 

  • Scale ad budgets with extreme accuracy
  • Optimize campaigns for greater ROI – in platform!
  • Uncover actual vs. reported ROAS in real time 
  • Attribute success across ad channels
  • Accurate performance and predictive reporting

Predictive Data Metrics

Pinpoint your best-performing ads, best-selling products, and ad creatives. 

Customer Journeys

Understand what, how, and where your campaigns are driving results.

Cross-Channel Attribution

See the performance impact ad platforms have across the full customer journey.

Ad Creative Insights

Your best and worst performing ad variations and copy in one creative dashboard.

Campaign Budget Optimization

Scale or retract spending with first-party conversion metrics - in platform.

Just some of the brands that trust AdBeacon…

A Facebook Marketers Secret Weapon

After Apple’s iOS 14.5 –  Facebook marketers felt the pain. AdBeacon was built to bridge the gaps in this data disruption.

  • Restore look-back windows – up to 100 days!
  • See AdBeacon ROAS vs. Facebook “reported” ROAS
  • Optimize campaigns, ad sets, and budgets 
  • Pinpoint best-performing Facebook creatives
  • Attribute Facebook conversions across-channels

Accurate Facebook ROAS

Facebook's data is not accurate! AdBeacon gives you the click data-driven reality. 

Unlocking Attribution Windows

Forget minimal lookbacks. AdBeacon provides lookback windows up to 100 days!

Facebook Creative Dashboard

Filter your best-performing, most profitable Facebook ad creatives with a click.  

AdBeacon Campaign Optimizations

Make Facebook campaign and budget optimizations directly from AdBeacon. 

Campaign Insights Across Channels

Attribute Facebook campaign success accurately with full-impact omnichannel modeling. 

Facebook Customer Journeys

Know exactly what ads, creatives, and campaigns played a part in making the final purchase.  

First-Party Conversion Data

Connecting your first-party ecommerce data - supercharges conversion accuracy.

Real-Time Campaign Accuracy

Facebook data is delayed. AdBeacon conversion, ROAS, and reporting data is 100% real-time.

Streamling Marketing & Ad Agencies

Agencies require time-saving solutions that maximize ROI for their clients. AdBeacon is going to change the game (and results) forever.

  • Powered by your client’s first-party data
  • Master Admin view – access any client with a click
  • Teams can optimize from AdBeacon in seconds
  • Complete reporting and predictive models
  • Track customer journeys across channels!

Unlimited Team "Seats"

Whether your agency has a team of 10 or 1,000, we have you covered. 

Cross Channel Tracking

Your teams can track performance across channels and optimize budgets faster.

Ecommerce Integration

Our first-party eCommerce CRM integration turns accuracy (and results) to the max!

Clear ROAS & ROI

Facebook data is delayed. AdBeacon conversion, ROAS, and reporting data is 100% real-time.

Better Client LTV

Delivering more profitable campaigns means greater client loyalty and LTV.

Tracking Integrations

Complete overview of what integrations are being tracked for every client and campaign.   

Customer Jorneys

When conversion is complete, your team has access to every customer journey touchpoint.

Optimize In AdBeacon

Cut optimization time in half by optimizing campaigns, ad sets, and budgets in-platform.

Are You Ready to Upgrade Your Results?

Book your personal demo and experience what marketers around the world are talking about. Our experts will even help ensure all your integrations are set up flawlessly! 

Empowering Brands & Media Buyers

What you require is simple – pinpoint profit and revenue drivers and do more of it . Get straight answers, accurate insights, and scale like a beast. 

  • Pinpoint best-selling & highest profit products
  • Scale top ROAS & ROI campaigns – FASTER!
  • Real-time first-party data ACCURACY 
  • Uncovering most profitable audiences and LTV
  • Accurate conversation pathways & reporting

Predictive Behavior Metrics

Uncover where your campaigns are trending and where the opportunities are.

Customer Journeys

See exactly how customers are engaging and converting across organic, paid, and email channels.

"Offline" Conversions

Not even Google or Facebook can touch our level of accuracy when tracking offline conversions.

Customer LTV Reporting

We don't just tell you who is converting, we tell you who is coming back for more.

Sales & Lead Reports

Not only do you see every sale, lead, and contact, you will know WHY they converted.

Product Performance Data

See exactly which products are selling the best, on what days, and with what campaings

Sales Geography Insights

Pinpoint exactly where in the world your sales are happening to scale effectively.  

Powerful Integrations

AdBeacon integrates with the world’s most prominent advertising and eCommerce platforms – bringing your data, tracking, and ad optimization accuracy to the next level. MORE integrations are on the horizon!

Custom eCommerce integrations are available. If you don’t see your preferred platform above – contact our team to see how we can accommodate your specific first-party data integration. 

Tracking Performance

Historical Ad Tracking
View campaigns history over time
Facebook Ad Tracking Services

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