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Setting Up Permissions

Your agency is ready to set you up for success! Please follow the instructions below to ensure your brand store permissions are properly granted.

Granting Agency Permissions - Shopify

Collaborator permissions need to create and install the AdBeacon Shopify app. Please follow the steps below to ensure that permissions settings are correct.

Step #1 – General Settings

    • Home
    • Orders
      • Manage orders information
      • Export orders
Shopify General Settings

Step #2 – Orders & Product Settings

    • Orders
      • Export draft orders
    • Products
      • View product cost
      • Manage Inventory
      • Export products
    • Gift cards
export draft orders

Step #3 – Customer, Reports, Dashboard, ETC Settings

    • Customers
      • Export customers
    • Reports
    • Dashboards
    • Discounts
    • Manage and install apps and channels
Shopify customer Settings

Step #4 – Online Store Settings

  • Themes
    • Edit theme code

Step #5 – Administration Settings

  • Manage Settings
  • View customer events
    • Manage and add custom pixels

Step #6 – Set-up Complete

Once saved – your Shopify permissions should be all setup and ready to go. 

Please contact/notify your agency partner so they know that your permission updates are complete and they will take care of the rest of your AdBeacon integration. Great job!

If you would like to learn more about what AdBeacon is all about – you can click here