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Welcome to AdBeacon!

It’s time to set you and your clients up for optimization and attribution success!

Step 1: Client Permissions

In order to ensure your teams can properly integrate and track your client’s first-party ecommerce data and achieve the best results possible – your clients will need to grant you the proper access and permissions.

To simplify this first step AdBeacon has provided detailed instructions you can send to your client.

Your team can send the link below directly to your client via email – once permissions have been granted your team can move on to step two!

Step 2: Agency Set-Up

Now that your cleints ecommerce store permissions are set up, it’s time to connect all the dots for your client’s campaigns. Below you will find step-by-step instructions for UTM’s, user access settings and much more. 


By implementing the AdBeacon UTM codes, AdBeacon is able to track separately from the ad platforms to ensure the click journey is revealed. 

This is just one part to how we’re able to prove each and every purchase. 

  1. Without UTM codes in place, tracking will not be accurate – so make sure they’re implemented!
  2. Placing UTM parameters at the ad level should not kick your ads back into the learning phase. 
  3. As an extra step of precaution, input the UTM and publish during low traffic times. 
  4. For post ID, please read the below on best practices.

Meta UTM

Place this code at the ad level:

  • absrc=Facebook&abid={{}}&placement={{placement}}&siteSourceName={{site_source_name}}

Google UTM
  • absrc=Google&abid={creative}&abcampid={campaignid}&gclid={gclid}
TikTok UTM
  • absrc=Tiktok&abcampid=__CAMPAIGN_ID__&abid=__CID__
Pinterest UTM
  • absrc=Pinterest&abid={adid}&abcampid={campaignid}&abcreativeid={creative_id}
Klaviyo UTM

UTM Parameter  + Campaign Value + Flow Value

  • absrc.    Klaviyo    Klaviyo
  • abid {name}   {flow_id}
Bing UTM


Custom UTM
  • ?abmedium=MY-MEDIUM&absrc=MY-SOURCE

Adding Users to Your Account

Please follow these instructions to add users. This is just one part to how we’re able to prove each and every purchase. 

AdBeacon Chrome Extension Utilization

To effectively utilize the AdBeacon Chrome extension for leveraging Ad Beacon data and optimizing advertising campaigns. Here is what you do.

adbeacon chrome extention

  1. Installation of Chrome Extension:
  1. Activation and Integration:
  • Set up the extension
    • Login to AdBeacon using your credentials
    • Click on your initials in the right hand corner and select API key
    • This is your custom API key (see below)

chrome extension custom API Key

3. Copy the API KEY

4. Open the Chrome Extension by clicking the icon *we recommend pinning it”

5. Paste your API Key here

paste adbeacon chrome key

5. Your AdBeacon Chrome extension should be all set up and ready to use!

Chrome Extension - Part 2 (Tips & Tricks)

  • Open Meta Ads Manager and open your AdBeacon Chrome Extension
    • Make sure the account selected in the Chrome Extension matches the account in your Ads Manager
    • Select the attribution model of your choice
    • Select the attribution time window of your choice

  • Turn on the Chrome Extension and view the AdBeacon data at the adset level
  • It should look like this (see below)

AdBeacon extension set up complete